Love and compassion are the basis of charity.

Charity in UK is a fairly common activity among wealthy citizens.   It implies assistance (gratuitous / preferential conditions) to persons who need it. Every benefactor has the right to choose the type, time, place and type of charity.

Wealthy citizens who want to constantly help with money, create organizations to attract external funds.

Speaking about how many charitable funds there are in the UK, it should be noted that the information can only be approximate.

Help funds for people in need of money

The main fear of a potential fundraiser for a charity is considered to be interaction with fraudsters. To avoid meeting adventurers, you should choose an open and “transparent” organization with an excellent reputation.

Funds to support citizens in need of money are usually published in reports on open access to expenditures (salaries, rent, etc.), which should not exceed 1/4 of the total amount of funds from philanthropists.

The distribution of funds includes the following areas:

  1. Financial or other assistance to citizens in need of support (children, the elderly, etc.) in connection with illness or situations that have led to a difficult financial situation.
  2. Support for talented children and organizations engaged in scientific activities, which can lead to a breakthrough in socially significant areas through the provision of grants.

The following are involved in the transfer of funds to charities:

  • volunteers (business companies and individuals);
  • local administration / federal authorities (subsidies, subsidies, etc.);
  • third country organizations (targeted funding and grants);
  • legitimate business activities and their results;
  • dividends (deposit accounts, securities, etc.).

The transfer of finances to a needy citizen is done through a personal meeting (in cash), transfers from bank data or to the account of a medical institution providing treatment.

How to get help from a charity fund?

To apply and get help, follow the instructions:

  1. Make sure that the required support coincides with the direction of the selected fund.
  2. Get acquainted with the conditions for assistance of the selected organization and their compliance with all the regulatory acts.
  3. Apply for help using the standard form on the foundation’s website, with a detailed description of the situation and attachments of the necessary documents.
  4. Interact with the fund in raising the necessary funds (publishing, attracting attention, etc.).
  5. Choose a method to transfer funds and receive financial support.

Charitable foundations reserve the right to refuse citizens seeking help. This usually happens when the current conditions of the organization are not met or the documentary support is not sufficient.

How to raise money for charity on the Internet?

   When raising money for charity, every amount is important.

Charity involves raising money that will go to meet the living needs of those in need.

A person who collects money and donations on the Internet that will go to charity should follow these instructions:

  1. Find out the rules and regulations regarding the collection of money that are in force in the respective region of residence. A certain type of charity is regulated by law. In addition, some benefactors are required to pay taxes on the funds received.
  2. Learn the actions of successful benefactors. This will help you achieve the desired result and raise funds in a short time.
  3. Find people who can help spread the word about fundraising.
  4. Post a notice about the beginning of the collection, providing for public viewing the necessary documents and data (bank account or account of a medical institution).