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Here on Christmasgator our first priority is to present best & latest collection of sms text messages, jokes and quotes to our visitor’s. As for short quotes reference to author (where popular) is given at the end or mentioned as unknown author.


If you think any of the short quote here belongs to you and your dear ones, or if you know the famous and real author give us reference to it & we will be cheerful to give reference to your or real author.

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If you suppose any of the sms text message or joke here belongs to you, or if you know the actual and popular author offer us reference to it & we will be thrilled to recommend reference to your or original author. Imagining the truth that jokes are meant to boost laughter, smile & they can be shared to bring smile on the dear ones, none of the sms published here is copyrighted & anyone can share with giving appropriate link back to the actual post that is published here. It is determined that it has only been in extremely rare cases that courts have announced jokes as attracting copyright protection. Not only that: the extremely reason for a joke’s existence is to induce laughter, & the happy factor of a joke wears off the extra that it is told.


Christmasgator never be responsible for any content or activity resulting any kind of loss to a human being or group.

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If you need to ask any question about content published on our website [ ], then please write an email to content {AT]

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