Choc hazelnut truffles

 Choc hazelnut truffles


175ml double cream

200g bar dark chocolate, finely chopped

One tbsp Frangelico or 1 tsp vanilla extract

50g hazelnuts, roughly chopped

Various colored sprinkles & edible glitters

Choc hazelnut truffles

Method Of Making:

1)      In a small pot, bring the cream to the boil. Take away from the heat & pour over the chopped chocolate. Softly stir the mixture until smooth, and then put in the alcohol or vanilla extract & hazelnuts. Cover & put in the fridge for approximately 30 mints or until the mixture is thick but not hard and solid.

2)      Scoop out teaspoons of the combination & roll into small balls with your hands. Put every of your sprinkles or glitters onto separate tiny plates or bowls. Roll every truffle into the sprinkles or glitter to coat, and then cool again to firm up. Will keep chilled for one week, or freeze for up to one month without the ornamentation.

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