Short Christmas Poems

 Short Christmas Poems

Poems are meaningful and attractive and some people always prefer to poems on Christmas and wish to others. If on this Christmas you as well want to wish your dear ones with Christmas poems so, it is good idea. If you are looking for short Christmas poems so, now finding it is not a hard task. Just visit short Christmas poems or get through us huge and top collection of short Christmas poems and send it to your family, friends and relatives.

Short Christmas Poems

  • A time of blessings and happiness.
    A time of caroling and songs.
    A time for giving thanks.
    A time for presents for all.
    A time of good cheer and friendship.
    A time of love for all.
    A time for helping others.


  • Do you believe
    Or do you feel deceived
    I hate to tell you
    But the famous Santa is for real
    Trust me, he is a big deal!


  • Not to the men who in arrogant pride
    March ever on over life’s surging tide;
    Not to the boastful who make their life’s aim
    Only to seek after worldly acclaim;
    But to the humble, the meek, and the low,
    When in the night of great trial and woe,
    God sends His Spirit to whisper anew,
    “Fear not! Your Saviour abideth with you!”


  • I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
    And it’s almost here.
    I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
    Santa’s getting near.Can’t you hear the sleigh bells ringing?
    Reindeer up so high.
    Can’t you hear the children singing,


  • A song was heard at Christmas
    To wake the midnight sky:
    A saviour’s birth, and peace on earth,
    And praise to God on high.
    The angels sang at Christmas
    With all the hosts above,
    And still we sing the newborn King
    His glory and his love.


  • Bring forth the holly,
    The box, and the bay,
    Deck out our cottage
    For glad Christmas-day.Sing we all merrily
    Draw around the fire,
    Sister and brother,
    Grandsire, and sire


  • That not one angel fall, to hatred won
    For lack of ears to listen to her cries,
    Or arms to carry him towards love and fun,Or friends to care what happens on the run
    To adult life, where joy or sadness lies.
    It’s time to give your heart to everyone,

    For God loves all, and turns His back on none,
    Good or twisted, ignorant or wise.
    Christmas is a time for love and fun,
    A time to give your heart to everyone. .


  • It doesn’t need to be presents,
    Food and clothes help too.
    This time of year sparks neediness,
    Christmas isn’t as great for them as you.

    But you can make a difference,
    Everyone can do that too.
    May those who can use the help,
    Receive what they ought to.


  • There are presents under the Christmas tree,
    My kids wonder when they came.
    Must have been last night while you slept,
    From Santa Claus I claim.


  • Jolly old Saint Nicholas,
    Lean your ear this way,
    Don’t you tell a single soul
    What I’m going to say.
    Christmas Eve is coming soon,
    Now you dear old man,
    Whisper what you’ll bring to me,
    Tell me if you can.


  • Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
    for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
    like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
    The good you do for others is good you do yourself.


  • A song was heard at Christmas
    To wake the midnight sky:
    A saviour’s birth, and peace on earth,
    And praise to God on high.
    The angels sang at Christmas
    With all the hosts above,
    And still we sing the newborn King
    His glory and his love.


  • Each Christmas I remember
    The ones of long ago;
    I see our mantelpiece adorned
    With stockings in a row.Each Christmas finds me dreaming
    Of days that used to be,
    When we hid presents here and there,
    For all the family.


  • Sitting under the mistletoe
    One last candle burning low,
    All the sleepy dancers gone,
    Just one candle burning on,
    Shadows lurking everywhere:
    Someone came, and kissed me there.


  • Carols and candles aglow in the night,
    Hearth fires blazing all cozy and bright,
    Red-leaved poinsettia, white Christmas rose,
    Ice skaters whirling on ice as it snows,
    Sleigh bells and Santas,
    Tinsel-trimmed trees,
    Mistletoe magic and warm memories,
    Angels all bringing glad tidings anew,
    Season’s best wishes especially for you!


  • Christmas is a time of joy,
    A time for love and cheer,
    A time for making memories,
    To last throughout the year


  • Christmas gift suggestions:
    To your enemy, forgiveness.
    To an opponent, tolerance.
    To a friend, your heart.
    To a customer, service.
    To all, charity.
    To every child, a good example.
    To yourself, respect.


  • A favorite time of year
    For all who are dear
    A time for love and peace
    A time for all fighting to cease.


  • It is Christmas in the mansion,
    Yule-log fires and silken frocks;
    It is Christmas in the cottage,
    Mother’s filling little socks.It is Christmas on the highway,
    In the thronging, busy mart;
    But the dearest truest Christmas
    Is the Christmas in the heart.


  • Now that the time has come wherein
    Our Savior Christ was born.
    The larder’s full of beef and pork,
    The granary’s full of corn.
    As God hath plenty to thee sent,
    Take comfort of thy labors,
    And let it never thee repent
    To feed thy needy neighbors.

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