Christmas Crafts For Teenagers

 Christmas Crafts For Teenagers

Christmas is a time of pleasure and it brings lots of happiness and joy. This occasion is considered very important occasion of the year. People are very excited and eager when Christmas season comes. They make different plans and exchange gifts. People spend much time with their family and dear ones and share their feelings and love. Crafts play a very important role during Christmas. The idea of giving a gift is just as festive as the celebration itself. There are different types of Christmas crafts and in this article we are talking about crafts for teenagers. Teenagers like different types of crafts. If you wants to give your children’s best homemade crafts and you are looking for some best ideas then get through us best and unique ideas and method of making.
Christmas Crafts For Teenagers
Bead-Button Teacup:

Bead-Button Teacup
Embellish a tea cup with buttons & bead to provide as a present.
Products You Need:
A tea cup in a bold & black color
Button & beads in different size and colors
Hot glue-gun; if you don’t desire to utilize a hot glue gun, you can always use liquid glue instead.
Method Of Making:

Make sure the tea cup should be clean.
Utilize a hot glue gun or liquid glue to increase the glue.
Then utilize tweezers & place the buttons & beads on your tea cup.
In the end add some decoration on the saucer as well
Bath Salt:
Products You Need:

Bath Salts
Mixing bowl
Two cups Epsom Salts
1 cup Sea Salt or rock salt
¼ tsp Glycerin
Food color
Oils for smell (Fragrance) like citrus, orange or peppermint
Dry Jars with Lids
Method Of Making:
Mix up salt in the bowl.
Then add some drops of food color & mix well.
Now add the glycerin & fragrant oils & mix carefully.
Put your salts in the dry jars & close them strongly.
Now it’s ready and makes three cups of bath salts.

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